Featured on Wilmington Parent Magazine

Mama Mancini’s has been featured in the August 2017 issue of Wilmington Parent Magazine in the outlet’s “Product Review” section.
As the issue is themed around back-to-school season, the editor discusses how reality hits very quickly at the start of the school year with plans of cooking big meals over the weekend and heating them up during the week being thrown out the window. Mama Mancini’s is provided as the solution, “a delicious, easy-to-make option for back-to-school meals.” Described as “Italian, all-natural prepared foods,” Mama Mancini’s is highlighted as tasting “just like your homemade cooking but can be heated up at home in minutes.” The editorial also emphasizes Mama Mancini’s full product range from meatballs, to meatloaf, sauces and more and explains that they’re all made with “real ingredients which are slow cooked.”


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